The TAC-B sensor required the Premium account to collect data using of this web site. 

Please add some balance to start using of Premium.

The Reset function allows to reset readings to any desired value. The Reset function will not affect to collected data, but affects only to current report.

Please check this short video:


If you want to use the SensMax API to get data from real-time reports, please PRESS HERE to see the guide.

The Immediate Data Delivery function enables the data delivered during 10 seconds or faster.

This function is available for Premium users only.

The Immediate Data Delivery function supported by SensMax TIMESTAMP devices and TAC-B sensors only. All other devices will send data to server according default Power Profile.

To enable the Immediate Data Delivery option, please go to the Devices, then tap to desired data collector in My devices list and select the Immediate Delivery Mode in the Device Settings window.

The GO-STOP report was especially designed to help control of occupancy due the COVID-19 situation.

User can setup different parameters for different premises:

+ Total space – how many visitors allowed inside premises.

+ Almost full preset - notify when the premises almost full.

+ Corresponding messages which will be shown when each of presets was reached.

+ Reset time – the time when report do automatic reset.

For more information please CLICK HERE.